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Is Blogging Dead?

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This is a question that has been posed many times over the past couple of years, and understandably so. With the ever rising popularity of social media platforms, many people are shoving their blog to the back burner in lieu of stepping up their social media game.
While social media is undeniably an amazing tool for sharing, marketing, and networking, blogging is not dead. In fact, there are many reasons why blogging is a platform that we should always keep around.

If you feel like you’re pressed for time and that you’re trying to spend your time utilizing the platform that gets you the most results, listen up, because I am about to tell you why your blog is most definitely worth your time. 

Blogging Isn't Dead, Here's Why

The content you create on your blog allows you to have more control over the user experience. You get the opportunity to lead your reader into a story, anyway you want. And you can decide how you want your visitors to connect with your site.

If you’re active on Facebook and Instagram (which, what business owner isn’t?), then you know that you are constantly dealing with changing algorithms. These pesky algorithms make it difficult to reach all of your followers. 

Additionally, social media users often get distracted and will quickly disengage with your content. With a blog, you have more control over the user experience than anywhere else online.

Long Live Content

Blogging, if done correctly, gives you the opportunity to write content about very specific topics. A good blog post digs deep into topics that your ideal audience is interested in, and then invites them to delve even deeper into your brand.

How many time have you Googled something, landed on someone’s blog who did a great job delivering content on the topic, and then thought “what else do they have?”

This happens ALL THE TIME. In fact, many bloggers are surprised that some of their most popular and engaged with posts were ones that they did years ago. The fact of the matter is, good quality content that provides useful and insightful information will stick and you will continue to attract an audience with it.

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The Proof is in the Numbers

Whether you’re a numbers person or not, if you’re a business owner who is looking to build and grow their business though online media avenues, you need to know the numbers.

One of the most useful tools you have with your blog is the ability to take a look back and see which post resonated the most with people. Where did you get the most interest and engagement? 

Take the time to analyze your data and then create more content that’s in the same wheelhouse.

Let’s say you did a blog post about “Top Plumbing Hacks for Homeowners on a Budget” and your audience loved the content. This should tell you that your audience loves tips that they can utilize on their own and that they want to save money. BOOM! Now, your job (or someone else’s if you choose to hire a professional) is to come up with similar content. 

It’s certainly not rocket science, but it may take some experimenting with to figure out what types of post resonate most with your audience, but once you do, you have yourself a powerful tool that allows you to speak right to your target audience. 

Be Consistent

If you have blogged at all, you have probably heard by now that consistency is key, and this is just as true today as it was 5 years ago.

The more you post, the more reliable you are, and the more content you build up-the better. Users are drawn to your site for one reason or another, and they end up staying for a while, becoming more engaged and familiar with your brand. 

Play the Social Media Game Wisely

Social media is great and necessary for many businesses; however, it shouldn’t be relied on completely. You should treat social media like a first impression; maybe users found your brand through an Instagram hashtag, but you should lead them to where the good stuff is and where they can really get to know your brand, and that place is your website or blog.

When you get your audience to engage with you on your website or blogging platform, you are building brand awareness and increasing your likelihood of having that visitor turn into a customer. 

SEO Optimize

Let’s face it, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what SEO is and how it is done.

There are also many business owners who don’t even know what SEO is and they have a “if I build it, they will come” mentality. This, unfortunately, is far from the truth.

Just because you have a website or a blog, doesn’t mean that anyone will see it. In fact, if you aren’t actively working to optimize your blog, chances are, no one will see it.

There are tons of information on the internet that will help you understand SEO and how to incorporate it into your content so that it gets in front of the people who are searching for it. Check out our post about how to SEO optimize your blog here. 

Keep Blogging!

In conclusion, keep blogging! If it’s not working, find out why. Chances are you may need some help with content ideation and optimization, and let’s be honest, you can’t do it all!

You’re a busy business owner, and you may be feeling strapped for time. You might love the idea of blogging, but you aren’t sure where to start or where you’ll find the time.

If this sounds like you, reach out! Let us help you create the content that your audience needs to here. Let us help you tell your story and produce content that converts!