Should You Hire a Fiverr Copywriter?

​If you’re a business owner, you already know that you need great copy for your website, blog, and brand in order to make the best impression on your audience and generate the most sales.
But, as a busy business owner, you don’t have the time to write all your own content and you want to outsource. (P.S. check here for our top 4 signs that you should outsource your content writing)

The question becomes, where do you find the best business copywriter and how much should you pay for content?

If you’ve done any research into finding a business copywriter, you’ve likely come across several freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork that appear to have the solution to your problem.
But are those $15 blog posts from Fiverr a good investment or a complete waste of time and money?

As someone who got their start on a freelancing platform, similar to Fiverr, and who has also purchased content from these platforms, I can provide a unique perspective into whether or not you should trust your business content to a Fiverr copywriter.

Should You Trust Fiverr Copywriting?

This question could be posed for a multitude of freelancing platforms, not just Fiverr. There are dozens of platforms out there advertising that they have the best freelance copywriters, and their content is cheap!

There’s no doubt that you can get inexpensive content on these platforms. We’re talking an average of $10-$15 per 500 words of content. But, if someone is willing to create content at such a low price point, how likely is it to be of high quality?

Here are a few reasons why hiring a Fiverr Copywriter may not be the best investment for your business: 

Why Fiverr Is Bad For Serious Business Owners Who Need High-Quality Content

1. You Get What You Pay For

$5 for a 500-word blog post on a topic of your choice with keywords and images included? Sound too good to be true? That’s because it probably is.

Writing content is hard work. It takes time, research, energy and a natural knack for stringing words together. No copywriter who is worth their salt will charge such a low price for content.

In fact, it’s an insult to content writers everywhere when so-called writers charge peanuts for content. These people are de-valuing a service that should be held with the highest of regard.

After all, the content you put out for your brand dictates potential customer’s impression of your business.

I have personally ordered content from a freelance content copywriter on a popular platform that was marketed as “quality content at pocket-friendly prices,” and let me tell you, it stunk.

You may wonder why I would outsource content when I make a living writing content and, the truth is, I got curious. Was I charging too much for content? Could business owners really get great content for cheap?

The answer to both questions was no.

No, I wasn’t charging too much for content, in fact, I should charge more! And no, you can’t get content that’s good enough to represent your brand and be the message you send out to your audience for cheap.

The truth is, if you want high-quality, SEO focused content that’s personalized for your brand, it’s going to be an investment, but one that will be well worth it. 

2. Spun or Plagiarized Content

Anyone can dub themselves a copywriter and set up a gig on Fiverr, literally. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection and you can start your new career as a freelance writer.

But what if you have no experience whatsoever in copywriting? You steal other people’s content of course!

I can’t tell you how many negative Fiverr reviews I have read from customers that say they purchased content, only to find out that the content they were given was “spun,” or re-written to make it “unique”.

Have you ever read spun content? It’s complete crap and even if you only paid $5 for it, you wasted your money.

Worse yet, some writers will actually steal whole pieces of content from others on the internet and try to pass it off as their own. This is a huge no-no and can end up costing your business some serious penalties.

When you hire a business copywriter, you shouldn’t have to put your content through a plagiarism checker like Copyscape, you should feel confident that they are writing 100% unique content that is custom tailored to your business and brand. 

3. Non-Native Writers

Let’s face it, no matter what country you do business in, you want a copywriting professional who knows and speaks the language of your customers.

If you live in the US and your company operates in the US, and your customers are in the US, it makes sense that you would want someone who is a US native to write your content.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are tons of non-native writers who absolutely crush content and can likely write better than most.

The problem with platforms like Fiverr is that scammers can easily post a gig with a made-up persona that can be misleading. They can use fake names, pictures and background stories that lead buyers to believe they are ordering from someone that writes in their native language.
Business owners only realize they fell victim to a Fiverr scam when their content comes back and it clearly was written by someone who is not fluent in their language.

When situations like this happen, there isn’t much you can do, unfortunately. The Fiverr refunds process tends to be slow, and unless your content was downright unusable, you may not win the dispute.

You end up with a piece of content that you can’t really use, and find yourself back at square one, looking for a business copywriter


Fiverr and other freelancing platforms can be a great place to find writers, for certain situations. Do I think you should trust your business’s important content that will be the face of your brand with them? Probably not.

I’m sure there are those “unicorn” Fiverr copywriters out there that provide exceptional writing at a fraction of the cost, and if you find one, don’t tell your friends! You’ll want to keep that weapon all to yourself.

If you want personalized content creation that’s designed to boost your rankings and help you convert, you need Business Copywriting Services.

To learn more about how our copywriting services can help your business, get in touch today!