stop writing boring website copy

STOP Writing Boring Website Copy!

Could your website copy be compared to an appliance manual—boring, factual and without personality? If so, it’s time to STOP writing boring website copy!

I get it; you want to bring your potential customers all the facts, display your industry knowledge, and present your business in the most professional way possible, right? I totally agree, but the problem is, no one wants to read boring website copy.

You could be an industry expert and have all the right information on the page, but your delivery could be killing your conversions. In fact, if your copy is even remotely bland, there’s a good chance no one is even reading it.
So, how do you write website copy that engages, excites and motivates your readers to take action without sounding too pushy. Keep reading to find out.

Don’t Make Your Website Copy All About YOU

This may make some people raise an eyebrow, but your website copy should not be all about you and your business. Rule number one for copywriting is to know and understand your target audience. The better you know your ideal customer, the easier it will be to put yourself in their shoes and write directly to them.

Yes, your copy is going to have information in it related to your business, of course. But you don’t want to make the whole page about “we” and “us.” Good copywriting is about speaking directly to your audience in a way that makes sense and is relevant to them.

Write in a way that makes your potential customer feel like you’re speaking directly to them, not just going on and on about your business. Let them know that you “get” them, and you have the perfect solution to their problems. Remember, the reason people buy things is to solve a problem—always.

Problem, Agitate, Solve Your Way Out of Boring Website Copy

This is an age-old marketing strategy and the premise is quite simple: identify a problem among your target audience, remind readers of said problem by giving them a little jab or getting under their skin a little, and then provide a solution to the problem with your products or services.

For example, let’s say you’re a personal trainer offering weight loss and healthy lifestyle solutions. Your target audience is likely people who need to lose weight or live a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

Problem: You’re overweight and unhealthy.

Agitate: You’re sick of hiding behind baggy, unflattering clothes and avoiding social situations because you lack the self-confidence to put yourself out there.

Solution: You need a way to not just shed the excess pounds, but to regain the confidence you lost over the years. The time is now to commit to yourself to live a happier, more fulfilled life and it all starts with a free 30-minute consultation with one of our expert health and wellness coaches.

Be Aggressive With Your Website Copy Call To Actions

This tip plays well with the problem, agitate, solve formula. After you provide a solution, you need to hit the reader with a strong call to action that incites them to click that button.

Instead of going the safe route all the time and saying things like “Want to learn more? Click here.” Light a fire under their seats and say “YES! I’m ready to STOP the nonsense and START living life!” Get your reader excited! Make them feel like it’s a no-brainer to click on your CTA and take the next step.

The better your website copy, the more excited and inspired your reader will become and the more likely they’ll be ready to click that CTA when you hit them with your final punch. And don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive and pushy (but not rude!), it just may nudge your readers enough to move forward with your brand.

Hire a Website Copywriter if You Need Help

If you’ve been staring at your website copy, knowing that it’s boring and uninspiring, but feeling completely overwhelmed with how to revamp it and breath some new life into it, hire a website copywriter to help!

Stop wasting your precious time and energy trying to write exciting copy if it doesn’t come easy to you. We often have the hardest time writing our own stuff, sometimes all it takes is a third party to come in and look at your business and copy from a different angle.

Yes, hiring a website copywriter is an investment, but it’s one that will pay off many times over because your site will be set up to CONVERT and conversions equal sales for your business and money in your pocket.

So, stop writing boring website copy and thinking that you’ll magically inspire readers to buy from you. Boring copy is a recipe for sending your traffic to your competition. And if you need help, reach out and together we’ll light your audience on FIRE.